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Last Updated 4th September 2018

This document sets out what data is currently collected by this web site (www.crystalsquid.com) and our mobile apps, and how such data is used. Maintaining your privacy is important to us. This document is subject to change as and when new sections/features of the web site are added, so please ensure you regularly check it.

This guide is a general overview of our Privacy Policy. There is also a P3P policy document which goes into further depth on exactly what information we keep and how it is used.

Who we are

Crystal Squid Ltd ("Crystal Squid") is a private limited company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 04888560). Our registered office is at Unit 21D, Vale Business Park, Llandow, United Kingdom CF71 7PF.

What Information we collect

Site Usage Data

We collect non-identifying and aggregate information which we use to monitor the web site's usage (e.g. how many people are accessing each page per day). This information may be used to improve the site, and shared with advertisers. This information does not disclose anything that can be used to identify the user.

Mobile Apps

Crystal Squid offers mobile game apps on the Android, Amazon Fire and iPad/iPhone platforms. Crystal Squid does not collect or store any personal information from our mobile games.

PC Games

PC games are purchased via third-party sites MyCommerce and SWReg (both operated by Digital River Inc.), who process your payment securely. MyCommerce and SWReg may store important information regarding the payment and share it with Crystal Squid. Please refer to the MyCommerce privacy policy and SWReg privacy policy for detailed information.

For purchased PC games we store an electronic copy of:
•the registered name/code
•the name of the person who paid
•the date the payment occurred
•the email address used to register.

We need these so we can return lost registration keys accurately, whilst preventing fraud.

We do not store any payment details, addresses or other sensitive data, and the above data we do store will be used purely for the recovery of lost registration keys.

Web Cookies

Some of our online games use cookies on your computer to store your progress/highscores. Feel free to deny/delete any cookies from this site, but don't blame us if you lose your scores. However, because some online games use cookies, we now (by EU law) have to warn you about it. Because this warning is annoying, once you click it, it should go away and never bother you again. However, to do this we need to use a cookie. So the only other cookie we actually always use, is the one we have to use to tell you that we might use cookies!

We don't store any identifying information in our cookies ever.

Within the EEA we do not use personalised advertising, however our current advert provider, AdSense, will usually use their own cookies for the purposes of frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting and to combat fraud and abuse. For more information please see the AdSense Privacy & Terms page

Outside of the EEA we may use advertising agencies that use cookies to collect aggregate information to enable them to target their advertising more effectively. We try to ensure that the advertising firms we use are reputable, and have privacy policies similar to our own.

Contact Information

If you email us, we will use the return address to answer any questions, if we are able. We will not use this address for any other purpose, or share it with anyone outside Crystal Squid Ltd.

Data Security

We have in place appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorised access to any information we may collect through this site.

Children's privacy

We don't collect or keep any information about anyone, regardless of age.

Additional Notes

This policy only applies to pages within the Crystal Squid web site, and to our mobile apps. We cannot offer any guarantees for web sites that we may link to.

We may also collect additional data for investigating security issues. In the event of a security breach or illegal activity, we may release any information we possess to the relevant authorities.

If you have any queries about the data we collect, please contact us .

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