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Buying/Registration FAQ

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Before purchasing a game, please download the trial version and make sure it is compatible with your system.

How does Registration work?

All the games come with a 1 hour free trial. When the trial expires you should have decided if you like the game! If you liked the game, then you can purchase a Registration Code which will let you play the game as much as you want!

To purchase a code and register a Crystal Squid game, simply use the 'Buy' link on the game details page for that game. This will take you to the secure SWREG payment site, where you can choose how you wish to pay. Simply enter the payment details, and if you pay online you should receive an email with your new Registration Code shortly. This email will also contain instructions of how to enter the registration code, so follow these carefully and you will be able to play the full game with no limts!

How long should I wait for my Registration Code?

The Registration process is fully automated, and an email will be sent to the supplied email address immediately after payment has cleared. For standard credit card transactions, this should be within 30 minutes.

Please make sure your email spam filter is not blocking the email address:

Occasionally, emails may be delayed due to server problems en-route, or stopped by SPAM filters, rejected by a full inbox particularly for free email services such as Hotmail etc. or a mistake when entering the email address in the payment form.

If confirmation has not been received within 30 minutes, please contact us, stating the registration name, approximate time and date of registration, and the email address that was used to register the product.

Our Service Promise

We will aim to deal with all inquiries within one working day. Please bear in mind that we are a UK based company, and our office hours are between 10am-5pm GMT Mon-Fri, and we don't work on Bank Holidays!

Due to the number of inquiries we recieve, we cannot reply to all questions & comments. However, if you are having a technical problem or a payment/registration issue, then we will do everything possible to help you!

Online Transaction Service

Our transactions are handled securely by SWReg processing. SWReg is the oldest and most respected online software retailing system in the world, and is the most advanced secure payment registration site on the web today. If you have any questions about making payments on the internet, please feel free to visit SWReg .

For any other questions or comments, please contact us.

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