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System Settings for Java

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Has Java been disabled?

Java can become disabled in your broswer (maybe after a Windows update or other update), so here is how to check:

Checking the Java System Settings...

START  button on your Taskbar-> Control Panel
Click the START button on your taskbar, and open up the Control Panel...

Java Icons in the Control Panel window
You should see a Java icon somewhere in the control panel. Click this to open the Java settings.
GetJava Download Button

If you do not see a Java icon in the control panel...

This means that Java has not been installed.
Use the icon on the left to install the latest version from Java.com.
Advanced Tab, default Java for browsers

Now click the Advanced tab...

...open the entry marked Default Java for browsers,

...and make sure that the checkboxes in here are all ticked:

If these checkboxes are ticked...

Java has been correctly installed and is enabled in your System Settings!

Try playing one of the Java browser games again, and if you still have problems then the issue may be with your Browser Settings instead.

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