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The game freezes occasionally

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Update: August 2008 We have applied a fix to all the web games that should solve 99% of the 'stalling' problems, so if you still experience occasional stalls while playing with the sound on, please make sure you have Flushed the Java Cache! This will ensure you are playing the latest version of the webgame.

If you still experience problems, please contact us!
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On some older machines, the games can also run quite slowly when the sound is active.
This seems to be a problem mainly with older version of Java.
We recommend you update to the latest version of Java, please use this button:

If you still get stalls & pauses occurring, try turning off the sound.
All our games have a disable sound icon which will turn off the sound with one click.

If you still experience any problems, please contact us and provide as much detail as possible!

Viewing the Java Console output...

When reporting any problems, please send a copy of the contents of your 'Java Console'.

Internet Explorer users:

Choose Menu option: Tools/Sun Java Console

Firefox users:

Choose Menu option: Tools/Java Console

Other browsers:

There should be a small coffee cup icon on your taskbar. Right click this and choose 'Open Console'

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