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I just get a blank screen / I can't run the games

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Javatm Games

This applies to: Bee Mania, Monkey Trouble, Traffic Jammer JX, Tropical Swaps, Crystal Solitaire,
Crystal Golf Solitaire, Crystal Squidoku, & Captain Bubblebeards Web Game

The Javatm web games require that you have Java installed & configured to run in your browser. Sometimes (particularly with Internet Explorer) it can take a minute or so before anything appears in the game window, so please be patient.

If you still do not see a game, then the first thing to check are your System Settings

If the system settings are ok, then you need to check your Browser Settings

If you use Internet Explorer, there are some Explorer Add-on Settings that you need to check too.

If the game starts but fails to load, or if you get strange 'bugs',
you may need to Clear the Java Cache

If the games still do not work...

  • 1: Sometimes the Javatm VM can become confused. Restart your PC and try again.
  • 2: The Java installation may have become corrupted. You will need to make a Clean Install of Java
  • 3: Your firewall software may be blocking Java from downloading the game. Check the website for your firewall software for details of how to configure your firewall to allow Java to access the internet.
  • 4: Finally, check the Java Help Center - Installing Java

ActiveX Games

If the game says it requires an ActiveX control to work, please make sure your browser supports this feature. This only works on Windows PCs, but the common browsers (Internet Explorer, etc.) should work just fine.

For more details please see the Crystal Squid Game Installer page.

If the problem persists, please contact us giving as much detail as possible of your browser, the Java version (if applicable), and which game(s) you have a problem with. Hopefully we an then fix any problem you may have which will help other people with the same setup as you.

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